[Tiger after a long manhunt killed

MUMBAI – In India, conservationists after a long manhunt, a female tiger shot which is assumed that the possible thirteen people killed. The six-year-old tigress in the western state of Maharashtra was, according to the BBC, two years from the hands of the hunters remained.

Photo for illustration.

One of the conservationists to let you know that a team is Friday along a road had been drawn up where the homicidal tigress was previously spotted. T-1, as the animal is called, was, in the first instance with a verdovingspijl hit. When she was then attacked, she was still shot.

It took the Indian authorities have great difficulty to capture the creature. More than a hundred cameras, horses, and goats as bait were used, day and night surveillance on vantage points and armed patrols; it was but not to T-1 to get.

Last month was even a smell of Calvin Klein deployed. The mannenparfum ’Obsession’ because it contains the ingredient civeton of the civets that the tigers need to attract. Also that was in vain.

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