Thunderstorms in Italy demanded at least eighteen dead

Heavy wind and rain this week in Italy for at least eighteen dead demanded. Also, several hectares of forest, mainly in the north of the country, with the ground levelled.

Especially the region of Veneto, in the north-east, is affected. Hundreds of trees are uprooted on mountain slopes in the Dolomites. Thursday there was very heavy wind.

‘It’s like after an earthquake, ” says the governor of the region, Luca Zaia. Approximately 160,000 people are in the region without electricity.

Friday came two persons, among whom a woman of 87 years, and a German tourist of 62. They were struck by lightning in Sardinia. That brings the number of deaths by lightning since the beginning of this week at the age of eighteen, it appears from a census of the civil defence.

In Veneto continues to increased vigilance of power. Weersvoorspellers expect this weekend more rain and wind. Venice wrestled Monday with one of the heaviest floods in recent history. There were gusts up to 180 kilometers per hour.

More in the south, there were floods in Sicily, where roads have been cut off. Schools and numerous parks remained closed.

The Italian civil protection says that the onweersgolf ” one of the most complex meteorologsiche siutaties of the past sixty years is’.

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