The curtain falls for Peter ‘Clowney’ in Dancing With The Stars

After Sien Eggers fly now Peter Van Asbroeck inexorably to home in Dancing With The Stars. The joker of the gang must be after three episodes told to pack his bags. With a creepy broadway jazz dressed as a killer clown on the ‘Despacito’version of Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox, Mandy Gonzalez, Tony DeSare he danced his last trump card. And that was rewarded by the jury with only 18 points. Peter and his energetic dance partner Laura were the last few weeks the best of themselves with a Viennese waltz and a jive.

Peter Van Asbroeck: “I felt the storm hanging, but I have really enjoyed this particular adventure. The bar was very high! I want to be sure my toppartner Laura to thank with a big round of applause. Sometimes it was like I was there with a Porsche and had to drive and that turned out to be too difficult for me (laughs).”
Peter is an entertainer pur sang, but on the dance floor, he felt less in his element. Despite the many rehearsals, the mental preparations and the thorough coaching of coach Laura remained for him hard to be the real dancer in himself to let loose. The pilot clearly had trouble getting his dance steps to do countries. The high level of difficulty did him several times and literally gasping.
This time, it was the paso doble from Kat Kerkhofs a shot in the rose for the jury. Who is there next week?

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