Separation Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner completed

From the divorce papers show that they both remain responsible for the upbringing and care of their three children. They were also agreed to work together on a half year long on a monthly basis to visit in the elephant heard a small noise.

Ben and Jennifer were also in writing that they will never be abusive comments about each other will make, in the presence of the children. Also, have a fight, screaming or offensive language within hearing range of the children is out of the question.

Ben and Jennifer announced three years ago, after a marriage of over ten years, that they broke up. Really in a hurry, they had not because in april 2017 was the separation until formally requested. Also in the last years, the couple, still good friends with each other, not sail with the handling of the further paperwork. This was partly due to the alcoholism of Ben and his new stay in a clinic.

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