’Sarcastic’ Lyon-trainer puts a line under feud with Depay

Memphis Depay

Depay was wroth about his reservebeurten and bills of exchange with the French top teams, and asked for more respect while Genesio that question of the Orange player in front of the cast of actors ridiculed with a cynical speech full of compliments for Depay.

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Itself has Depay after his verbal failure is nothing more to hear, but Genesio came yesterday, in his own words, for the last back on the incident. “At first, I find it a pity that everything is drained, but such things happen in a season. There will be no penalty, for me and everyone else is ready. The message is arrived at Depay.”

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According to Genesio, he and Depay a good relationship. “There’s spicy, but the correct discussions. He was sitting on the couch for him to excite, but because of his reaction to his teammates.”

Genesio was referring to the outburst of anger from Depay after his colleagues a 3-2 lead verspeelden against Hoffenheim after the Dutchman to the side was removed. After his reservebeurt against Angers founded Depay are arrows on Genesio, but not until he as a substitute in the 0-0 was brought in and the 2-0 scored. “He was a little disappointed, but did get to see it on the field. Determination which characterized his subbing. Sometimes you have players with lot of love to give, but you should also be able to tell which is not good.”

Incidentally, let Depay as a substitute is often seen to make the difference for Olympique Lyon. Genesio: “That is striking, yet he is not a supersub. Memphis is one of our best players, someone who is as basisspeler also often the difference has made.”

Against Bordeaux counts Genesio on his Dutch international.

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