Producer of Bruce Lee, Raymond Chow, deceased

Raymond Chow, who is considered the father of hong kong cinema, is Friday at the age of 91 died. Notify the media in hong Kong. Chow has amongst others, the careers of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan on the right track.

In 1927 in hong Kong born Chow is the co-founder of the Golden Harvest studios in 1971. He has, according to the online filmdatabank IMDB in his career more than 170 films produced and was the producer or coproducer of many of the films of Bruce Lee. So he was partly responsible for Lee’s most famous films “The way of The dragon (1972) and “Enter the dragon” (1973), the first film that a studio from hong Kong and Hollywood brought together. He has also worked on “The Big Boss” in 1971, the global filmsucces that the career of the martial arts star was launched.
“Thank you Raymond, that you the young Bruce Lee have a chance given and helped him to realize his dream. Rest in peace, Raymond” wrote the daughter of the in 1973, died actor, Shannon Lee, on Twitter.
Chow also had success with Jackie Chan, with whom he worked with on “The Young Master” (1980).

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