Obama accuses Trump of scaremongering about migration: ‘Political show’

The American ex-president Barack Obama has his successor, Donald Trump and the Republicans accused in the election campaign deliberately to spread fear for migrants.

It is a “political show” that Trump due to the migrants ‘ soldiers to the border with Mexico send, Obama said. The only thing the Republicans according to him, with their scaremongering distract attention from their own balance sheet of two years in power.

‘They tell them that a lot of poor people, thousands of miles away, is an existential threat to America, ” said the Democrat on Friday at an election meeting in Miami for the Democratic candidate, Andrew Gillum. “Our brave soldiers need their family leave for a political show at the border. They deserve better.’

Obama talked also about the plan of Trump to children born on American soil is automatically an American citizen. “A president can’t just decide who is an American citizen and who is not. That’s not how our constitution works. That is not how democracy works, ” says Obama.

The former president also said that the lying at the highest levels of government must stop. “If words have no meaning, as the truth does not matter anymore, when people can just lie without consequences, then democracy is not working.’

New caravan arrived in Mexico

Trump conducts violent campaign around the theme of migration for the Midterms-elections next Tuesday. He used this rousing rhetoric, and overstates the situation greatly. The president speaks of an ‘invasion’ and a threat to national security, when he refers to the thousands of refugees from Central America who work in different groups on their way to the border with the United States.

In a nutshell, they are still 1,300 kilometres from the border. But Trump gave the Pentagon all command thousands of soldiers to the border to send. They will be the border guards logistics assist. Citizens pick up, they may not.

In the meantime a third migrantenkaravaan the border between Mexico and Guatemala crossed, with 1,500 Salvadoranen. The migrants crossed the river Suchiate, which Tecun Uman in Guatemala separates, Ciudad Hidalgo in Mexico.

The group could cross the sea without anyone arrested. The migrants walked to Frontera Hidalgo, about 11 kilometers from the border. About 200 members of the group remained on the bridge and are planning to be in Mexico to seek asylum.


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