Number of Americans on advance vote larger than normal

In 27 American states is the number of people in advance has cast his vote for the mid-term elections of 6 november, are now already higher than at the previous elections in 2014. That, reports CBS on the authority of data at the university of Florida. In Texas, surpassing the number of early voters, ” even the total turnout of the elections four years ago.

The turnout for midterm elections is traditionally very low. So in 2014, when Barack Obama his Democratic majority in the Senate lost, only 36.4 percent of the voters turned out. For comparison: for the presidential election of 2016, the rise of about 58 percent.

According to a professor at the University of Florida’s Michael McDonald, would be the high number of early voters could indicate a rise of 45 to 50 percent this year. “In the last three decades took around 40 percent of the electorate participated in the elections. If we have the turnout of 49 percent in 1966 to improve, we must go back to 1914 for a rise of more than 50 percent, ” says McDonald.

The high turnout may indicate that the calls of mainly Democrats (among whom superstar Taylor Swift), using social media to flock to the polls to pull, have paid off.

Key states

In some of the states where the turnout already higher than normal (Arizona, Nevada, Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota) found important elections for the Senate take place. The first four are seen as ‘toss up states’, where it is not yet clear who will win. In North Dakota would the voters tend to lean towards the Republican candidate. The chance that the Senate back in the hands of the Democrats, however, as good as non-existent, since they are 26 of the 35 seats at stake, today in our hands.

In Florida and Georgia, two other states where already many people have cast their votes, find ‘historic’ elections. Andrew Gillum in Florida the third black male governor, Stacy Abrams, Georgia’s first female black governor in American history.

Georgia has also become the symbol of the ‘voter suppression’ that for years, the corridor would be in the US. In total, in the state of 53,000 people do not have to register as a voter because their data is not exactly matched with those in the database. Seventy percent of them are blacks. Additional detail: Brian Kemp, the opponent of Abrams, as secretary of state responsible for the organisation of the elections.


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