North Korea threatens nuclear program to restart

North Korea threatens nuclear program re-start if the Us sanctions are not lifted. That report various media, including the Wall Street Journal, on the authority of a communication from the North Korean official news agency KCNA. Pyongyang also warns not to sacrifice more to do during the negotiations with the US.

The comments there are now tensions between South Korea and the U.S. run up about how economic pressure should be used to ensure that North Korea’s nuclear program is terminated. The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in has said that economic development is a driving force might be for Pyongyang to its nuclear program to dismantle, while Washington finds that the dismantling of the first fully completed before the sanctions are lifted.

“If the united states is arrogantly continue to behave without their point of view to change, will North Korea’s possible nuclear forces build up again’, according to the North Korean ministry of Foreign Affairs in the communication that Friday was spread.

Pyongyang believes that it is through the dismantling of a test site and a be the rocket launching site already a lot of concessions has done, and demands that the sanctions be suspended.

In the North Korean communication, it is not threatened with the cessation of the nuclear negotiations with the united states, but according to the Wall Street Journal wants Pyongyang in this way, additional concessions from the united states, during the talks between the American secretary of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo and his North Korean colleague Kim Yong Chol next week in the US.

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