New details about Saudi sisters surfaced

NEW YORK – New details about the two Saudi sisters who last month stillborn washed ashore on the banks of the Hudson river in New York, the possibility of a suicide explicitly open.

The 16-year-old Tala and the 23-year-old Rotana Farea sat with tape around their waist and ankles glued together, with the faces turned to each other, confirmed the police in New York Friday. There is no evidence for, or evidence of a crime, stressed the police.

The cause of death has not been determined. However, there are all sorts of details have surfaced, such as information about the credit cards, which are almost without balance. The girls were already two months in New York and stayed in a luxury hotel, but would now money is tight have been. Also, would the sisters have said ’I prefer something to do than return to Saudi Arabia”.


The police will draw on the resources of our detectives’. Finally, there is a source that the girls saw praying on the 24th of October, early in the morning, several hours before their bodies would be found. All things considered, concludes the police: “Everything we have seen points to anything other than a crime.”

The new information at the press conference on Friday, speaking earlier rumors, just as a statement from the mother of the girls. The mother would be a mysterious phone call from the embassy have received, on the day before the discovery of the bodies, where the family was instructed to return to Saudi Arabia.

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Khashoggi and more

The news of the sisters, after the death of Jamal Khashoggi, very inconvenient for Saudi Arabia. That country can be a new international rel certainly not use.

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Khashoggi is, however, not the only one who in the uk is affected; in Saudi Arabia itself are several activists were taken prisoner, while a young supporter of Khashoggi, who is a political asylum, has been filed in Canada and working on Youtube and Twitter, says it’s heavy to endure.

Seven of his friends would be arrested, as well as his brothers, while he himself hunch is that the same “hitteam” if that Khashoggi also on his heels was, says Omar Abdulaziz at Global News.

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