Mourinho angry at ‘terrible’ ManUnited

Jose Mourinho

The Portuguese trainer had greatly disturbed in the performance of his team. “We played in a defensive sense, terrible in the first half,” said Mourinho. “Worse could not. This mentality gives me even more gray hairs.”

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ManUnited in injury time along Bournemouth

Despite a huge preponderance of Bournemouth took ManUnited the rest with a score of 1-1. “We had with 5-2 or 6-2 can,” grumbled Mourinho. “We defended very poorly. I’m not only talking about our defenders but as a team. We were all prepared for it, but started very poorly in the competition. It caused instability of the team. I was very, very angry in the quietness.”

In the second half, with a double bill, was the team of Mourinho is a lot better. “The second half was the opposite of the first, with a lot of opportunities for us. We had the contest for the 92nd minute to decide.”

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