Moscow annoys Kabul with own vredesoverleg

KABUL – Russia has discreetly with important Afghan politicians were invited to Moscow with the Taliban talk about peace. Moscow passes thereby the Afghan government, who is not happy with the plan, reports news agency Reuters on the basis of discussions with stakeholders.

Hamid Karzai (left) and Vladimir Putin (right).

Afghan politicians, in the past two months have been approached by Russian diplomats in Kabul. They invited among others former president Hamid Karzai, who ears had to the top. “Karzai is going to Moscow because occasions for vredesoverleg with the Taliban cannot be neglected”, says a spokesperson of the former president.

The Russian peace was against the sore leg of the government in Kabul. A high Afghan official says that Russia has asked the top to blow, but that the request would be ignored. “In several places to discuss with the Taliban, will the peace process that is supported by the US further complicate it.”

Russia had in August proposed international consultations to hold with Taliban and several countries. Moscow decided at the top to postpone because Kabul objection made. Also, the U.S. refused to join.

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