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Mertens three times to the cannon, no Belgian scored more in Serie A

Forza Dries Mertens! The Belgian scored tdrie times in the 5-1 win party of Napoli at home against Empoli. With his three goals brings the pocketspits are some in the Serie A scored more goals on 75 and he passes finally away from Luis Oliveira, who in his career is 72 times the road to the Italian nets found.

Goaltje of Badge, goaltje of Owned but three delicious jars of Dries Mertens. A flawless scrubber for the rest, a beautiful boogbal immediately after the peace, and even a perfectly rounded counter in stoppage time. A few minutes earlier he had Owned already a hit offered. Man of the match? Of Course, Dries Mertens.

With his three hits is Mertens, meanwhile, with 75 goals in Serie A and thus he is always away from Luis Oliveira, the Brazilobelg that in the nineties 72 times should cheer. And even though it looks Oliveira still fit, the chance that he will ever even score at the highest level is non-existent.

Thanks to this easy victory ‘approaching’ Napoli to within three points of Juventus that morning at home, Cagliari will receive.

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