Mertens shoots out of his shoe

Dries Mertens (three goals), Lorenzo Badge and Arek Owned gave the club from Naples a big victory.

The team of Carlo Such was within ten minutes to 1-0. Striker Insignia was responsible for that. In the 38th minute doubled Mertens the score. It meant the 73rd goal in the Serie A for the Belgian attacker in the Netherlands for AGOVV, FC Utrecht and PSV played . No Belgian has scored as many in the Italian league.

Francesco Caputo brought the tension back in the 58th minute. It turned out to be for a while, because once again, Mertens made six minutes later with a beautiful shot, 3-1. The final stage was the Polish substitute Arek Owned the terminus of a fast combination on multiple disks. Mertens completed in injury time are doelpuntentrilogie.

Napoli (25 off 11) has now three points behind Juventus and three for Internazionale. Juve plays Saturday at home against Cagliari. Inter will receive Genoa.

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