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Litecoin can now be through the Facebook Messenger sent

Litecoin can now be through the Facebook Messenger sent

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Marcel Knobloch –

The adaptation of crypto currencies is a major responsibility to convince the population of the world of the block chain technology as well as its potential Benefits. Through an innovative Integration in the Facebook Messenger can be sent using this Messaging channel, Litecoin.

The Team of Lite.IN the, a project of the Zulu Republic, recently announced that it is now possible to send Litecoin via SMS and to receive. No exte Litecoin Wallet is required, but simply the use of the services of the platform. The latest Integration allows you to Send and Receive Litecoin via the Facebook Messenger.

All users wishing to use this service, you need to have a conversation with Lite.IN via the Messenger Link m. me/ the start.

Thereafter, the user is prompted to and accept the terms and conditions of use. For the registration of a telephone number and an email address is necessary. In addition, a confirmation SMS will be sent to your registered number to verify the authenticity of the entered data. Then, a secure password must be set. Directly thereafter, a LTC Wallet address is provided. After that, Litecoin can be used to receive and send.

In addition to the Facebook Messenger and the traditional way of communication via SMS and Litecoin can be already received in August via the messenger service Telegram, and sent. Charlie Lee urged the Community to focus on the bear market, but to the adaptation and increased spread of the digital currency.

Step-by-step crypto-currencies will always find its way into various areas of the payment, communication, but also in the economy.

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