Lieke van Lexmond takes participants naked dating show tough

Lieke had still her doubts when she was asked. “I thought: why me? But I am of love, and this is a fun and eccentric way. So why not. I leave me completely in the bare deposit”, says Lieke against BuzzE.

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Lieke van Lexmond links naked singles in dating show


Lieke and her team ensure that it is not flat. “That is indeed a risk, but it should be fun”, she says. The presenter finds it ’cool’ that the candidates dare to do everything immediately, and that, too, for tv. “You must be very brave to do this. Everything is on display. For the participants, but also for the viewer.”

According to Lieke disappears and the naked, however, soon in the background. Itself she found it at a given moment, not crazy about more to in between all of the expose. “You do not notice it more. The naked is a bit away. You forget the just.” The presenter can already reveal that there are matches and there are also real dates will be scheduled. “How that is past, I don’t know,” she concluded mysteriously.

Undress for Love is wed night for the first time on RTL 5.

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