Julia Roberts is the fine to 50+ to be

Roberts starts in this phase of life to something new: she has her first big televisierol to tackle in Homecoming, a new series of Amazon. The Pretty Woman star plays Heidi Bergman, a psychologist with an organization that ex-military should help their way to find them again in normal life. The series jumps back and forth between that timeline and years later, where it becomes clear that not everything was what it seemed in the institute.

“It was a bit of a puzzle”, says Roberts about the alternate storylines. “There are all kinds of plot twists and layers, and people who in certain scenes know something but in other not yet.” They had to now and then fall back on the director Sam Esmail, who earlier series Mr. Robot thought. “Sometimes he had to really back up: in this scene you come just come from there, this is what you know, this is what they know.”

Fifty movies

Her televisieklus felt no different than the more than fifty films over the past thirty years, worked. “We have it in two parts recorded, five episodes at a time. And Sam has everything directed, so that seemed very much on the circumstances on a film set.”

For actors it is the difference between film and tv, anyway, lost, find Roberts. “Everything is so good, the standard is so high. For me it’s a nice change, is that you with the television at the people’s dismay. We are a kind of maaltijdbezorgers, but with entertainment.”


All ten episodes of the first season of Homecoming this week online. The actress sees the for – and the disadvantages of. “There is something to be said for a week to have to wait to get somewhere that builds the suspense. But as a viewer, it is also very tempting to go straight to bingen and to be consumed by the story.”

Her own tv favorites, at this moment, Ozark, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Big Little Lies. “But I’m not much on tv. That is the disadvantage of children of eleven and almost fourteen; by the time that the adults can control what goes on, I want to actually yourself also to bed.”

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