Jan Leyers and Herman Brusselmans in What a Year

Koen Wauters, Nathalie Meskens and Jonas Van Geel get 20 different Delilah’s in the studio, What a Year! Dressed as a Greek goddess, in white, with a challenging split. Because in 1981 sent our country Emly Starr to the Eurovision song contest, with ‘Samson’, the hero who was looking for his Delilah. How about Emly there 37 years later? And it is by guests Herman Brusselmans and Jan Leyers recognized?

Because if you look at the pictures of Jan and Herman 1981 see, it is clear that the ravages of time quite can reading. In that year was Jan 23, and he did civilian service in a library. Meanwhile, he played guitar. Herman was 24, and was working on his first novel the next year would come true. He goes into the studio immediately in search of an ashtray, because in 1981, if there is still smoke in studios.

Further, it was 1981, the year that the Bicky Burger in the Belgian deep-frying appeared, former actor Ronald Reagan president of the US, and the Prince of Wales married with one Lady Diana Spencer. The Space Shuttle Columbia went into space and after a months-long hostage-taking was the staff of the American embassy in Iran finally released.

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