Ireland warns of a worse band with UK

DUBLIN – Irish prime minister, Leo Varadkar, has on Saturday warned that the relations between Ireland and the United Kingdom “from each other threaten to fall” as a result of the British withdrawal from the European Union. That way leads Varadkar the press again, now the British-European negotiations on the Irish border continue to seem to hang.

Leo Varadkar

Varadkar warns of Brexit the goedevrijdagakkoord threatens to undermine. That agreement made twenty years ago of an end to three decades of violence in Northern Ireland. Also, the current open border between Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland is in that accept controlled.

“All the communities in Northern Ireland drives them apart, undermines the goedevrijdagakkoord. And all that in Great Britain and Ireland drives them apart, undermines their relationships”, said Varadkar on Irish radio station RTE.

The British departure from the EU should, on march 29, 2019 are finalized, but the Irish border has for some time been a stumbling block in the talks. London and Brussels, both want to prevent a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. But they are differences of opinion about the way in which that is to be regulated. So nobody wants to be that border controls arise on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, but that desire is at odds with the British departure from the customs union.

The negotiations on that subject once again seem to hang. There is especially arguments about the interpretation of the so-called ’backstop’, a stopgap that in effect would have to act as the EU and the United Kingdom, not to a timely agreement.

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