Iran: ‘Trump has US in disrepute’

By the sanctions against Iran to recover, the American president Donald Trump and his country into disrepute. That has ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme Iranian leader, Saturday declared. According to Khamenei, the united states, the biggest losers of the decision.

“This new American president has what still remained of the prestige of the United States and of the democracy into disrepute. And also the power of the USA to goods to force through their economic and military capacities, take off’, says Khamenei on Twitter.

The religious leader rejects the reintroduction of the U.s. sanctions against Iran on Monday. ‘The conflict between the U.S. and Iran will take all of forty years, and the US often have against us occurred’, according to Khamenei, that ‘a military, economic and mediatised war’ sheets. “In this conflict are the US, the losers, and the islamic republic is the winner.’

On Friday, the Iranian ministry of Foreign Affairs that the country is not worried about the new sanctions.

Oil industry

Russia, an ally of Iran, has criticized the reintroduction of the sanctions. “We condemn the destructive act of the US’, according to the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday in Moscow. According to Russia makes the decision of Trump all international efforts for an agreement with Iran to close off undo.

“We disclaim all unilateral sanctions that the UN Security council work’, according to the ministry. The problem is, according to Russia especially that the sanctions, partner countries of Iran take. If the U.S. an Iranian nuclear arms race to avoid, they should be about negotiating with those countries, what it sounds like.

The new sanctions target in the first place, the Iranian oil industry. But also the financial sector and the Iranian ports will be affected.

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