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IOTA-support for Ledger Hardware wallet

IOTA can be stored in the future on the Hardware Wallets from Ledger. Thus, the German Start-up is a step in the direction of a facilitated handling of the Token for the Internet of things. In addition, the possibility of the Token to Hardware Wallets to store, for additional security.

Good news for Hodler of IOTA. Because according to a press release, you can retain the Token for the Internet of things in the future on the Hardware Wallets from Ledger. Accordingly, the Trinity, and Romeo will be integrated into Wallets in the Ledger Nano. Thus, it will be users in the future is common, your Private Keys safe and offline store. (How important is that, you can read here). Dominik Schiener over to BTC-ECHO:

“We are very pleased with the IOTA Integration of the Ledger Wallets. With our Trinity Wallet, which works on Mobile and Desktop, has the IOTA Ecosystem is now a natively integrated solution to token for safe-keeping with a Ledger, as well as to send to Trinity. The barrier to entry in the IOTA Ecosystem is reduced significantly. At the same time, this Integration serves as a reference for enterprise and industry, to Hardware Security in IOTA-guarantee-based total solutions.“

Dominik Schiener

About IOTA

The IOTA-Token to form the technical basis of the Tangles is an Alternative to the Blockchain solution of Bitcoin. It is designed for micro transactions for the Internet of things and was able to respond in the past, some important partnerships. Already in December of last year, the IOTA Foundation was able to increase thanks to a partnership with technology giant Microsoft to place four of the crypto-currencies with highest market capitalization. With Volkswagen, Fujitsu, and Bosch, another high-caliber from the technology industry, which brought the German Start-up by the Austrian Dominik Schiener your confidence followed.

Course development

Since the all-time high of just under five US dollars in December 2017, the IOTA had to give in course of the strength of the bears. Currently, the course is for the MIOTA Token at 0.47 US dollars. Within the last 24 hours he’s risen to just under 1.34 per cent. In the weekly course of which he fell, however, to four per cent.

In the monthly review, it does not look better. Here, of course, had to endure a setback of 14 percent. Thus, IOTA is currently in place in twelve of the crypto-currencies with highest market capitalization. The project thus fits between the Dash (DASH) (space 13) and Tron (TRX) (position 11). Currently, the currency for the Internet of things is a market capitalization of about $ 1.3 billion.

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