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‘Game of thrones’-creators not set up with the meme of Trump

The American president Donald Trump on Twitter new sanctions against Iran announced with a remarkable parody on tv-series ‘Game of thrones’. And there are the creators not set up.

Trump posted Friday a photo of himself, containing also the words ‘Sanctions are coming. November 5’ (freely translated: “the sanctions are coming. On the 5th of november’). The United States will be starting on Monday, all the sanctions against Iran, which is withdrawn after reaching a nuclear agreement in 2015, to re-enter.

According to the American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo are the strictest sanctions in history, might also be the reason why the Trump-administration in a striking way was looking for the news sharing with the world.

The text on the photo is a clear reference to ’Winter is coming’, one of the most famous phrases from the HBO series. Also the style of the photo and the font used do clearly Game of thrones think.

The creators of the television series are not set up with the parody. “We were not informed of this message and would like to see that our trademark is not abused for political purposes,’ is heard in a message from the channel HBO.

This was followed by another tweet, ” How do you say handelsmerkmisbruik in like this?’. Like this is the language of a savage ruitervolk from the series, the kind of people you would prefer not to hassle with it.

Also a few actors have responded to the picture. Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) shared the image with the words ‘Not today’, Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) wrote only ‘Ew’. Author George R. R. Martin answered again with a call to vote in the midterm elections.

Also, social media users were just going with parodies:

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