Fisherman rescued from cliff after attack seals

EYEMOUTH – A Scottish fisherman is the search and rescue of a rock face taken after he took refuge had sought because he was attacked by a group of fifty or aggressive seals. That reports the Scottish coast guard Saturday.

The group of seals and their pups attacked the man Friday night when he was on the beach, walked in the Scottish Eyemouth. According to a spokesman of the coast guard “had the man in the area fished and walked on the beach when he the seals and their young pups came across That became quickly agitated and became aggressive.”

The fisherman tried along the rock face to climb up, but remained halfway between stitches. When darkness fell, he called the emergency services that came to him from his precarious position saved.

“Anyone who has a colony of seals found on the beach or the coastline are advised to be at the first sign of turmoil to go away. Aggressive seals are not common and in this case they can get their natural habitat and their offspring have protected or defended,” said an employee at the website of the coast guard.

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