Finally victory FC Groningen

Mateo Cassierra scores beautifully.

The team of trainer Danny Buijs prevailed Friday night on a visit to Excelsior: 2-4. By that victory of Groningen, preliminary number last. Though NAC Breda with a victory over Heracles Almelo in the last place and transfer.

Groningen had to Friday night just four points garnered in the Premier league. The northerners ran in the second part of the first half for the home team. Mimoun Mahi and Ritsu Doan gave the visitors a comfortable lead.

FC Groningen scored four times in Rotterdam.

Groningen was at that time in a seat, but ten minutes before the rest brought Ryan Koolwijk the tension back. The Rotterdam midfielder scored with a wonderful half bicycle kick.

The 1-3 of Groningen if there in the second half. Mateo Cassierra, Groningen hired from Ajax, is not yet working on a very flashy season, but in Rotterdam he scored beautifully. Cassierra found with a slick bet the top corner.

But this time succeeded in Groningen there not long in to the margin of two goals to keep. Luigi Bruins brought the tension back in an hour. Bruins took advantage of a penalty, after Deyovaisio Zeefuik Excelsior-substitute Mounir El Hamdaoui bottom had walked.

Fifteen minutes before the time came to Groningen again with two goals. Substitute player Jannik Pohl made the fourth Groningen-goal and the tenth goal of the season for the guests. The team of Buijs, the first competitiezege since August 25.

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