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Fifa defends Infantino: “No law, rule or regulation violated’

Fifa has today in a statement responded to the allegations in Football Leaks. “None of the published documents it contains something also, but in the distance indicates a violated law, rule or regulation.’

From the Football Leaks-documents which the German weekly Der Spiegel got hold of and shared with The Standard and the network of European Investigative Collaborations showed that Infantino Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City in 2014 helped to get around the Financial Fairplay rules. That European top clubs have risked exclusion from the lucrative Champions League but, with the cooperation of Infantino, little they dance.

Fifa replied in its communication not on those allegations. This is logical because the facts date back to 2014 when Infantino was still at the head of Uefa was. Infantino itself has until today on that specific allegations are not answered.

The Fifa is responding today with a number of other articles in EIC partners appeared, and in which criticism was given on the internal workings of Fifa.

Fifa declares that the authority four weeks ago, hundreds of questions received from a group of journalists. “But although we ask the questions in an honest and sincere way, have answered, decided certain media to our responses to ignore, and the facts, turn to the Fifa to discredit’, it sounds.

‘It appears clear that the way of reporting a clear purpose: it is an attempt to be in charge at Fifa, and the president Infantino and secretary general, Fatma Samoura, in particular, to undermine it.’

The Wereldvoetbalbond also shares a prick out to former members, which currently (whether or not forced by their involvement in numerous scandals) to non-active. “It is no surprise that a part of the persons way, or replaced, or unhappy, false rumors and accusations continue to spread about the new leadership. We know that there are people who, out of frustration the Fifa want to defame.’

The communication ends with a message from Infantino himself: “It is always a challenge to change things and make progress, and to bring people together and to do better. Since we are the reforms at Fifa resolutely seek to make, it was for me to be clear that I have strong opposition it would encounter, especially from those who are not more shameless can take advantage of the system in which they were living. But this is why I am chosen and for me there will be only one focus: football world improve and develop it further.’

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