FIFA contradicts allegations to address Infantino

Gianni Infantino

“None of the published stories contains something that looks like there is a law, rule or regulation is violated”, says the statement. So does the football association on the accusation that Infantino top clubs Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City had helped with the work around of the rules of Financial Fair Play (FFP). That would turn out from documents of Football Leaks, shared with international media.

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Football Leaks brings FIFA-boss in the closely

According to the statement, the FIFA hundreds of questions from the media answered, but have “some media that answers are ignored, and the facts and the truth twisted, in a targeted attempt to take the lead on FIFA and chairman Infantino and secretary general, Fatma Samoura, in particular, to undermine it.” On the specific allegations going to the football.

Infantino let himself know that he is already at his office with opposition expected in the implementation of reforms. “That is why I am chosen and I have but one focus, improve and develop football worldwide. I am even more driven and determined than before to fulfill this assignment.”

According to the documents of Football Leaks gave Infantino in 2014, when he was still secretary-general of the European football association UEFA, fiat to the two wealthy clubs to hundreds of millions of euros to continue to receive through heavily overrated contracts with allied parties and had that income not be made public. This goes against the principle of the FFP.

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