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Fatal accident overshadows Condroz rally

Saturday afternoon during the sixth klassementsrit of the day, the Skoda Fabia R5 by Steve Matterne and corijder Rik Vanlessen of the job went against a pole collision. Corijder Rik Vanlessen showed the life. The klassementsrit was immediately stopped. The organizers decided the match to continue.

Saturday afternoon, around 15: 00 was the Condroz rally rocked by a major accident. The organizers sent some time later a press release to the world. ‘The team of the Skoda Fabia R5 car number 7 during the sixth klassementsrit (Ben Ahin) of the job gone. Despite the rapid intervention of the emergency services is corijder Rik Of Lessons on the spot death. Steve Matterne with a back injury transported to the hospital. He is not in danger. We offer our condolences to family and neighbors, ” says the message.

Rik Vanlessen was 52 years and the director of a transport company. It is the first fatal accident in the BK rally since the rally Bocholt in 2012.

Despite the deadly accident, the race organizers the rally to continue. “The organization has indeed decided the match to continue,” says Benoit Galand, persmanager of the Condroz Rally. ‘According to our information, should be team BMA, the team of which Steve Matterne and Rik Vanlessen part, withdraw from the competition. Cédric Cherain and Melissa The independent director were first on the scene. They were in shock and immediately to the rallycentrum in Huy returned.’

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