Famke Louise at baby food to lose weight

About her time as a model, does she talks candidly about her bizarre method to lose weight, while they, at the time, only 50 kg weight. “And even then I was still too heavy.” Yet she is not moved on with her modeling. “You’re constantly paying attention to your diet. You can’t eat, not McDonald’s… I seriously had a period that I lived on baby food jars to be thinner to be”, said Famke, now 15 kg heavier and a fanatical sport.

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“A lot of people underestimate Famke Louise

When the lord questions as to how it exactly is between her and rapper Ronnie Flex – which soon becomes a father and does not want to publish who the mother is – she is short and succinct: “I will not stamp on.”

Famke Louise, the documentary is from Sunday to see it at Videoland.

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