Extra beds for confused people’

ZEIST – There will be more beds for people with a dangerously confused behavior. The secure mental health care gets 151 beds. That have the health insurance companies decided. Mental health care, municipalities, Public Ministry and National Police had extra beds are requested.

For the confused people is often no place in a setting.

Confused people must receive care, both in terms of health and safety. They are often aggressive and a danger to themselves and their environment, sometimes by a mental disorder or an intellectual disability. Last year there was a record number of incidents with confused people. Also the police was sounding the alarm.

For the confused people is often no place in a setting. That is to say that the people are not safely able to care for and that they were there for more money. Secretary of state Paul Blokhuis (public Health) had earlier called for consultation between the insurers and the institutions.

According to health insurance companies the Netherlands is a concrete step in reducing wait times and providing the right care. The 151 beds come to the approximately 400 secure mental health beds that are there already.

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