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€ 450,000 in cash? No problem: controversial broker Veljkovic had 30 accounts at one bank

The controversial football agent Dejan Veljkovic would with a bank in Genk as many as 30 bills have had. That writes The Latest News on Friday.

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The Latest News writes that a bank in Genk as many as 30 bills were running Veljkovic the power of attorney had. It includes accounts of his brother and father, but also of (ex-)players like Milan Jovanovic (ex-Anderlecht, ex-Standard), Dalibor Veselinovic (ex-KV Mechelen, ex-KV Kortrijk) and Ivan Obradovic (Anderlecht, ex-KV Mechelen). Are commissions on transfers in Belgian football would be through companies in tax havens reap some of the 30 accounts of Veljkovic in that Genk bank.

Veljkovic took out of those accounts also huge amounts. The account of his father, he asked, with his power of attorney to 200,000 euros, of which his brother is 250,000 euros. In 2016, he left the bank in Genk with a whopping € 450,000 in cash. The officers felt Veljkovic in this short on the tooth. According to The Latest News the broker deposits “normal” call.

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