Diver died during search for bodies after the crash, Lion Air

In Indonesia, it is Friday, a diver for life came about when he tried the human remains out of the water to retrieve victims of the crash of the aircraft of Lion Air. In the meantime, is also the hull and one of the engines of the plane have been found.

The 48-year-old Syachrul Anto worked as a volunteer for the rescue, and came to life when he got out of the deep water returned to the surface.

“He was found by other team members, who brought him to the surface brought. They have him in a hyperbaric chamber, but he could not be saved’, says the head of the agency for which Anto worked.

The death may be the result of a sudden decrease of the pressure in the luchtfles of the diver, said a naval officer to the news agency dpa.

The man had already participated in a rescue operation in Palu after the earthquake and tsunami in september, and sought also to bodies and debris after the crash of an aircraft of Air Asia four years ago.

The unit of Lion Air collapsed Monday, with 189 people on board shortly after take-off down the coast of Jakarta. Rescue workers search since the region in the java sea where the Boeing 737 crashed.

Thursday found the divers, the engines and the landing gear of the aircraft, after they were previously also one of the black boxes found. Saturday was the fuselage of the aircraft and of the engines found. In addition, it was also a signal collected from the black box that can tell you about the technical failure that the plane crashed.

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