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Derwael: ‘On a cloud’

“When I landed, it was a relief. All the stress fell away and was replaced with sheer joy.’ Nina Derwael sitting on a cloud after her gold medal on the bridge with uneven shelves.

“I have really no words for it,” said Derwael in a first reaction to the colleagues from Sporza. “This is a dream come true.’

“I was, however, very stressed out from I the moment I woke up this morning. I was even waking up before my alarm clock went off, that happens to me never actually.’

“I am happy that my teammates with me could keep. I tried to have confidence in my training. I had, after all, so hard worked for, there was nothing I could more extra to do.”

‘I ijskonijn? I took confidence from the fact that I’m the favorite, that means that everyone knows that I can. I laid for myself, the emphasis on the fact that I was ready, and that has given me helped.”

Derwael came this afternoon, not too early, to warm up, to the room where her race was to finish. ‘A conscious choice, because then you’re here so early, and then you still have three hours to wait on your final. For me, it is better to stay calm. Here stress I more than hotel’

They turnde the fifth. Not very early in the match, not very late. Ideal. “I had just enough time to take in the opwarmingszaal to exercise as if it was a competition.’

The exercise itself. Derwael turnde into her head from the hard part to hard part. And when everything worked she thought, ‘whew, now I need the nice finish’. The dismount worked perfectly. Not one hupje. ‘Then you will feel a huge relief and all the stress falls off of you. I just felt a huge joy.’

The jury gave her 15.200 points. “I was very happy with my score, it was really not really.’ And she thought, ‘here comes one’? “Yes, but as long as there are still gymnasts their exercise to finish off, can someone superoefening do. It remains to be seen until the last is passed.’

And now she has written history. Belgium’s first gold medal at a world cup gymnastics. ‘History? No, I really don’t, I’m just very happy and I’m going to really enjoy it. I realize the not quite yet, I’m still on a pink cloud and if I still have to wake up.’


The color of the coin corresponded with the color of her nails: gold. ‘Call it superstition. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Romania I had for the first time, gold nails and since then I have not yet lost. Until proven otherwise, I’m going to continue to do so.

Yesterday was Derwael fourth, just no stage. Has its that today helped? “It was an honor to be among all those topgymnasten. I knew them better, and we encourage each other in everything we do. It really is a very nice group.”

“I’ve just had a visit with Simone Biles can talk. I have always been very hard to her looking up and then to hear that I we have done and that she looks up to my exercise, is really special.”

Tomorrow, she must still agree to the bak in d efinale on the bar. “I just want a nice exercise to do around here to be able to finish and I hope for the best.’

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