Deadmau5 back on the straight path

The dj, who is actually Joel Zimmerman is called, had since 11 October nothing more tweets and expense of a break in. He offered then to apologize for a number of offensive tweets and announced a break, to take themselves to work.

Friday he came with a gezondheidsupdate on Twitter, where he has 3.8 million followers, reports the better of him. “With the assistance of Kelly, my family and friends and the help of professionals I’m back on the straight path. And I feel a lot better,” says the 37-year-old dj. “I have a number of shows in Europe this month and I want my fans not let him down, so I will be there.” Deadmau5 adds that this does not mean that he returns to Twitter. “For now, I spend my socials on my team, to you, to provide information about tours and such.”

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