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Danish topspits must be in your own country, the cell in for assaulting a taxi driver

The Danish international Nicklas Bendtner (81 caps) must be fifty days the cell is in because he in september a taxi driver molesteerde. That decided, a court in Copenhagen. The judge wanted to “given the seriousness of the facts” not a conditional sentence to express. The taxi driver kept his collision with Bendtner a broken jaw.

The lawyer of Bendtner, already know the verdict will file an appeal. He wants a lighter punishment. Bendtner pleaded or guilty, but explained to the court that he felt threatened and felt, and in self-defense and acted. The taxirijder threw a can of coke to Bendtner, after he and his girlfriend out of the car were dropped and refused to pay “because the driver is not the desired route reed”.

Kick in the head

The prosecutor had a prison sentence of three months is required, inter alia, because Bendtner the driver on the head and kicked. That was from the movie, however, not clearly be derived. Bendtner should also have a penalty because his belt is not wore and because he is the ride of 52 crowns (7 euro), not paid. The taxi driver came there was no free of charge from. He must be a fine of 3,000 crowns (400 euros) for driving without a seat belt and because he during the drive to the mobile phone used.

The 30-year-old Bendtner drags for years a bad reputation. In 2013, he was arrested for drunk driving. That gave him a solid fine and a driving ban of two years. Currently, the “enfant terrible” for the Norwegian Rosenborg. Earlier, he scored his goals for Arsenal, Birmingham, Sunderland, Juventus, Wolfburg and Nottingham Forest. (belga)

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