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Crypto kitties will receive $ 15 million from Fundraising

Since the end of 2017 strip the crypto kitties by the crypto-world and multiply Blockchain diligently on the Ethereum. Now Dapper Labs, the inventors of the kittens have received a financial injection of $ 15 million. To the Fundraising, the company intends to use primarily for the new Blockchain-games were involved, among others, Venrock, Samsung Next, as well as Google Ventures.

As reported by Bloomberg, was Dapper Laps at the 1. November is known that the Venrock led the Fundraising to the value of 15 million US dollars is completed. This has doubled the company’s value since the last round of funding in March. In the new financing, among others, Venrock, Samsung Next, Google Ventures, William Morris Endeavor (WME), eSports Leader aXiomatic and Andreessen Horowitz Cultural Leadership Fund have participated. Also, investors from the previous round of financing again, including Jeffrey cat mountain WndrCo, Steve Huffman, the founder and CEO of Reddit as well as Green Bay Ventures.

Like Zynga on the Blockchain

The collected funds will use crypto kitties for the opening of a Los Angeles-based American subsidiary. In addition, other games and entertainment Apps that will run on the Blockchain. Bloomberg to Roham Gharegozolou, Chief Executive Officer of Dapper explained that the company Zynga as a model for the further development are chosen. Zynga is a leading developer of the most popular Social Games in the world, which are daily played by millions of people around the world. Crypto kitties want to achieve something similar to Blockchain-based. More Gharegozolou said:

“All thought, crypto kitties revolved around the purchase of cats. But it is only the first step in a larger Vision. We believe that Blockchain will change the everyday life of the people. We see it as a new platform similar to the social networks or mobile services a few years ago.“

In the plans of the company, the investors recognize the great Potential for the further development of the Blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin & co. says David Pakman, a General Partner of Venrock is convinced:

“This is a tremendously great opportunity. If this is successful, it could be the second Blockchain-shaft, which is the responsibility of the consumer.“

As seen on DappRadar is, have more than made its debut 1,000 Apps on the Ethereum block Chain. However, very few have been able to reach a larger number of users. With 425 daily users of the crypto kitties are playing in the Games category.

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