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Crisis has just ended, or Greece will, together with the three other Balkan countries, world cup football

Greece is financially still but just on its own legs or the country wants to examine or together with Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia to the world cup of 2030 can organise it. That did the political leaders of the quartet on Friday. Russia spent over 12 billion to the organisation of the last world cup, that last summer took place.

“We want to examine whether there is a chance with us four of the world cup to be organized”, stated the Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras. His Bulgarian colleague Bojko Borisov joined him. “It is according to our worth about this proposal, to talk. Such as Bulgaria and Italy, recently together the world cup volleyball organised, we can with Greece, Serbia and Romania, perhaps also the world cup football host.”

From Greek point of view this is a remarkable turn: the organization of a football world cup is very expensive and because the majority of the profits must be transferred to wereldvoetbalbond FIFA, as well as it certainly is onerous. Russia pulled between 2013 and 2017, over 12 billion for the organisation of the last world cup. The Greeks are still only just recovering from an eight-year-long crisis. At the end of July wrote to the International Monetary Fund IMF that Greek debt in the long term untenable.

Also the South American countries of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay have already officially a candidate for the world cup of 2030. Morocco wants the after a few failed attempts to re-try, possibly together with Algeria and Tunisia. The English bond investigates the possibility to, together with Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales candidate. Ireland will also join.

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