Cor Bakker: ’I was a quivering lap dog!’

Despite the fact that he is no longer so much on television, the pianist busier than ever.

He sits in the middle of preparations of a kerstconcertreeks 14, 15 and 17 december performed is going to be in the St. Bavokerk in Haarlem, the Grote Kerk in Naarden and the Westerkerk in Amsterdam. But the christmas thought is still as far to seek as COR BAKKER (57) discovered that the bike of his NIENKE is stolen. ,,Amsterdam, eh, but who do well a thing like this? You can see that there is a child seat in. I have a child of five, that should be on the bike to be taken to school!’

If the frustration a bit is dropped, says the man who spent years as the musical accompanist of the PAUL DE LEEUW was excited about his musical kerstgasten: HUMPHREY CAMPBELL, MADELINE BELL and The swan choir sang from Amsterdam.

Could Paul the Lion does not?

I can me that question proposals, but I do not do everything along with Paul. From 1990 to 2013 we have very intensive cooperation in various television programs, such as, of course, The Scream of the Lion. But after 23 years it was just between us. Understand me well, we’ve decided we’re never quarrel or so, but the time was ripe for other things. That does not mean that we lost touch. Occasionally we do something together, such as on the uitvaartplechtigheid of MIES BOUWMAN in February. And a few months ago I Paul also guided in a television broadcast of Time for Max. He has the song Under the apple tree sung.’

,,Now, what I in which – piece by piece – beautiful churches going to do this, incidentally, is quite different than what you’d expect of a christmas show. It is a meezingconcert. Neuropsychologist ERIK SCHERDER gave me the idea. Singing is, according to him, good for man, there are so many positive and dust free. And because everyone most of the carols are familiar, it seemed to me that a great opportunity to make that positive dust particles, but even at the respectable audience to make it work. The more difficult songs take Humphrey and Madeline for their account. Well, and to the swan choir sang now English carols to sing, that seemed to me to be not a good idea. That fits totally unsuitable for them. But we have found a solution for this. Of Let it snow is a Dutch adaptation made and the: ’T is white.’

Paul de Leeuw, he has to own say a lot to thank. ,,Paul is a genius.’

What has the time with Paul for you means?

,,O many, different things. Let me establish that it is a crazy time. Paul has me first, less shy. I was in the beginning, nevertheless, a kind of quivering lap dog. He pulled me to my hair for the camera. In that time, I actually still prefer a bucket on my head than in the picture to appear. By him am I that insecure, lost, and I dare much more. Secondly, it is anything and everything, after working with Paul is a breeze. He remains, of course, an unguided projectile. That you must not only musically but also with light, sound and camera follow. He drives you to the extreme. There is nothing wrong with that, because he is a genius, but you should if you are working with him to always be alert.’

,,But where I also immediately think of is that I by our cooperation also with international stars like ADELE and MICHAEL BUBLÉ have been able to work. Unforgettable experiences, of course. And by Paul I national fame, and that I own a tv – and theatre shows. Cor & Co and Cor were on a journey there would never come.’

You have a young daughter of five, how is it with those other two?

,,SEE, it is indeed my youngest. The other two from a previous relationship are mature and doing very well. The oldest is already married and this week, on november 10th, I give my other daughter also gone. It’s going to be hard. No, the two elders have no musical ambitions, but See may be something in that area can do. She runs all day to sing.’

Who wants to you ever again guidance?

,,BARBRA STREISAND is at the top of my list. That is my dearest wish. To achieve that, I already have a program idea put on paper. That idea is now with JAN SLAGTER. Under the title looking for Barbra I would from my home in the Jordaan in Amsterdam to her residence in Malibu want to travel with the camera. Along the way I want than for their colleagues and other celebrities who have to do with her had to stop. For example, with composer and conductor MICHEL LEGRAND. Eventually I stand on the sidewalk with mrs. Streisand, and culminates in a song. How fun would that be? I already have a T-shirt printed with the print: Streisand enCORe.’

Do you see your own idol, LOUIS VAN DIJK still?

,,Louis now lives in the Rosa Spier House in Laren. He has just returned from a long stay in France. Fortunately going very slowly with his illness, Alzheimer’s disease. It is stable. Soon he comes with his wife to eat with us. Initially we wanted to meet in a restaurant, but that is to be restless for him, so Nienke and I a delicious dinner for them to cook. No, the eye will I bring him not to lose. He is to me very dear, it can not be otherwise. After all, We have around 25 year of cooperation.’

You’re also still working on new things?

,,Yes, I let me now blindfolds. In the theatre program Cor Bakker for the Lions, I come here and I see nothing. It’s true…I’m totally not who the guests of the evening. Nienke controls all of that behind my back. Only when the blindfold goes off, I see who she has invited. I accompanied them on the piano, and is really thrown to the lions. So I’m already surprised with FAY LOVSKY, TIM KNOL and HANS DAGELET.’

And give you another lesson.

,,To tens of thousands of students even. That goes through the internet. Under the motto ’Holland plays the piano’ I learn in ten lessons people reading notes and playing songs. It is very easy and within the shortest of times, you play Hello from Adele. Try it!’

You do christmas concerts, but remember santa Claus also, don’t you think?

Oh, that is so much fun. Especially because See, there still so enjoy. On Wednesday, november 28, I give a big Sinterklaas-meezingfeest in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. Of course the Saint himself also and I am helped by a number of singing helpers. As I already said: singing is important, because that dust, eh!’

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