Buijs: “Remarkable preparation helped FC Groningen…’

Danny Buijs has finally something to cheer with FC Groningen.

“We have three and a half hours in the bus sit”, told the coach at Fox Sports about the trip of the people from Groningen to Rotterdam, that the traffic jams on the Dutch motorways to nice in the war kicked in. “By the files, we could never be on time at the place where we would actually eat, so are we there but somewhere else going down and we were at a restaurant asked if they could warm up”, laughed the opgeluchte Buijs, who, with his team the second win of the season recorded.

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Finally victory FC Groningen

“Maybe we need that kind of preparation more often, but it can also be that the qualities of a number of players, the reason given,” said Buijs, who Mateo Cassierra his first competitiedoelpunt for the Pride of the North saw. “I was already searching a while for,” said the Ajax rented Colombian, his teeth exposed. With a viewed shot over goalkeeper Sonny Stevens lifted the spits shortly after peace the state to 1-3.

FC Groningen took twice a lead of two hits, but saw that by first Ryan Koolwijk and then Luigi Bruins will be reduced to one. The fourth Groningen goal by Jannik Pohl threw the duel a quarter of an hour for time, however, is permanently in the slot. “They make two times a aansluitingstreffer, but I never had the feeling that we would give away,” said Mimoun Mahi, the maker of the 0-1.

Feel good

“Because we are in the first half in a span of five minutes two times scoring, playing soccer the whole match with a good feeling. Therefore, I had every confidence in a good result”, said the Moroccan, who by the profits with his team the last place for now did to NAC Breda.

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