Anchor Karrewiet late in her cards look

Karrewiet-anchor Mariam El Mandoudi comes this weekend to the word Citta, the attachment of the Gazet Van Antwerpen. Therein she recounts how they first at the radio ended up. In 2015 she made her debut with MNM. “I was already happy, because they warned us that there are few jobs in radio. After that summer I started as an editor for the program of Tom’s Cock. I was then a reporter for Radio 2 Oost-Vlaanderen, but that was a famous. I had no connection with the news from that region. I had every day 65 miles in the car. On the advice of a friend applied I at Medialaan, where I have the news presented. I had a super time. I remember that I said: ‘if Dany Verstraeten retires, I want his job or to take over.’” And when knocked suddenly Karrewiet. “I just need to think, because I was so good at Medialaan. But I knew that the VRT me this one time.”

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