Agreement to end crippling protests in Pakistan

The Pakistani authorities have reached an agreement with the radical islamic party Tehreek-i-Labaik (TLP) to put an end to the protests against the release of a christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy.

The protests have life in certain places in the country to a standstill.

In the agreement it is inter alia recorded that the woman, Asia Bibi, the country is not allowed to leave. A judge must about them, however, the final decision. Also will the government the protesters are not prevented by the Supreme court that the decision to have the woman is free to leave to fight, and will the protesters who were arrested during the protests be released. In return, asks the government to TLP for the protests to stop.

“We had two options. We could use violence, but if you use force, people can be killed. That is not something that a state should do. We have therefore tried to negotiate, and in negotiations, you give something and take something’, says Pakistani minister of Information Fawad Chaydhry to BBC.

According to some people, surrenders the government against the protesters, but that denies the minister. “We should take steps against extremists, against this kind of violent protests, and we need to find a permanent solution. Currently this is no cure, we are now the fire fighting. The remedy is the real deal, and our government is determined to find a solution.’


A court had on Wednesday the release is ordered by Bibi, who, since 2010, in the row inmate. Then vomiting severe protestbetogingen of islamist groups. Bibi was sentenced to death for blasphemy in an argument with the women while they worked on a farm.

The lawyer of Bibi, meanwhile, has the had to flee the country, because he for his life in fear after threats from islamists. “In the current scenario, for me it is not possible to in Pakistan to life,” said Saiful Mulook Saturday morning before he flew. “I should remain alive because I am the legal battle must continue for Asia Bibi.’ The man got no protection after the verdict on Wednesday.

Bibi is according to the BBC, one of the days released. According to her lawyer would be the woman for her safety to a Western country to move to. Different countries her asylum offered.

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