Additional performances for the Cats in the Netherlands

There are already more than 25,000 tickets sold for the short series of performances in Amsterdam. In January Cats in the Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam, in april, the musical in Breda and Groningen.

Cats is one of the most difficult dansmusicals ever made. The story is set on the most special night of the year when the Jellicle cats and their big ball to celebrate. One of them will by Old Deuteronomy to be chosen again to be born and a new kattenleven to begin. Grisabella, the glamourkat that for many years the world has explored, will understand this evening to return home.

It is the first time in ten years that the classic of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber in the Netherlands. Since the world premiere played Cats continuously for a recordperiode 21 years of age, about nine thousand performances in London. Now visited more than 81 million people in more than thirty countries show, that all in fifteen languages performed.

The piece was in the 2006/2007 season, for the last time in the Netherlands played. The British version that comes to the Netherlands, with surtitles.

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