Will Tura is on Saturday 3 november to book Fair

In the autumn of 2018 is Will Tura, less than 78 and therefore forever young, in the cinema. Director Dominique Deruddere depicts the life and career of Tura in a documentary film that is actually also the life of many a Fleming reflects. The biography of the Emperor of the Flemish Song, is also a biography of Flanders since world War II.

As a result of the movie also comes to this book. The authors have decades of Will Tura assisted. Jean Kluger followed in the footsteps of his father, Jacques, the discoverer of Tura, and had since the early 60’s the manager and mainstay of Flanders ‘ most successful singer-composer. Myriam Dekoster worked dozens of years, along with Kluger and Tura. Nobody better than they can outline how Tura is and was as a singer, as a performer, as a professional and as a human being. A surprising and intimate portrait of a unique artist.

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