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Widow Chris Cornell drags the doctor to the right

According to Vicki Cornell committed the singer of Soundgarden suicide because his judgement was affected by angstremmers.

The widow of singer Chris Cornell makes every effort proceedings against the doctor of the deceased singer. According to Vicki Cornell provided doctor Robert Koblin him rules for the angstremmer Lorazepam without him to investigate and in dangerous numbers.

Chris Cornell died in may last year unexpectedly after a gig with Soundgarden in Detroit. At the autopsy were traces of a few drugs in his body found, but not enough to be as the cause of death to be eligible. It was a large dose of found of the angstremmer Lorazepam. The singer took that from september 2015, until his death.

The gerechtsarts found quite quickly that Cornell had committed suicide, but the family of Cornell said already then, that the suicide was due to his unstable medical condition. In her complaint has Vicki Cornell on a dangerous medicine that a person’s mental state affects’. ‘The medicine reduced his observation, vertroebelde to exercise its judgement and made for dangerous impulses which he could not control and that his life cost.’

According to mrs. Cornell had Koblin the singer not physically examined for he is the means prescribed. Koblin has not yet responded to the news.

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