Van la parra proud of the Team: “Normally we get upset’

Jordi Van La Parra

After the 3-0 defeat against Ajax offered ADO a chance to the back to rights, what Feyenoord with verve did. “If you lesser races have played, there is even more pressure on”, responded van la parra at FOX Sports. “I think we started well, with two good chances. It’s a major downer that they are 1-0.”

Still, van la parra that the team develops in the right way. “Where we earlier this season of battle became such a disappointment, we went now just by and we had the whole match under control.”

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Where the first half is appealed, the second half is significantly less attractive. “In the second half came with two midfielders back, because in the first half showed that we couldn’t do this,” said van la parra. “It was supposed to be with one midfielder low to play, so ADO the drukzetten difficult to make. That we have at times done well, but on many occasions the pace is far too low. That is a pity.”

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