USA and Turkey lifting of mutual sanctions against ministers on

The US Friday imposed sanctions against two Turkish ministers lifted. At the same time also announces that it is Ankara that the sanctions against the two American ministers no longer in force. With the mutual action is the new rapprochement between the two countries has been demonstrated, now the dispute is around the American reverend Andrew Brunson of the job.

According to a Friday published statement of the American ministry of Finance, the Turkish ministers of Justice and Home Affairs, Suleyman Soylu and Abdulhamit Gul, of the sanctielijst met. Barely a few minutes later, a statement from Turkey. Therein is disclosed that Ankara no longer sanctions to bring against the American ministers of Justice, Jeff Sessions, and Home Affairs, Ryan Zinke.

The wederzijdses sanctions between the two NATO partners were a result of a conflict over the imprisonment of American pastor Andrew Brunson in Turkey. Brunson was in October 2016, in the aftermath of a failed coup d’état, arrested on charges of ‘terrorism’ and ‘espionage’. Brunson would have close ties with Fethullah Gulen, according to Ankara, the mastermind behind the couppoging of July 2016, and the Kurdish movement PKK.

As a result of that case, Washington in early August for the U.s. assets and block of the Turkish ministers of Justice and Home Affairs. A few days later responded to Ankara, by also the (possible) Turkish possessions to block the American ministers of Justice and Home Affairs.

Finally made a decision, a Turkish judge three weeks ago to the house arrest and the uitreisverbod of the American minister to the lift. Brunson is in the meantime back in the USA.

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