Trump: “Who throws stones, will be shot’

The Us president, Donald Trump has the migrants to the border with Mexico, warned that his soldiers will not hesitate to use their weapon when they are attacked.

Trump has sent in recent days to 5,000 soldiers to the border with Mexico, to prevent a large group of migrants from Central America on its way to the United States, the border crossing. The estimated 6,000 people, mostly fleeing poverty and gang violence in Honduras, are planning to apply for asylum.

It came already to a few confrontations with the Mexican military police, where some of the migrants threw stones. Trump warns them now that the American soldiers will not tolerate it. “If they stones want to throw at our soldiers, they will fight back. I told them that they that violence may be regarded as schietwapengebruik, ” says Trump, who suggests that his soldiers will shoot at anyone who throws stones.

Lieutenant-colonel Jamie Davis, the spokesman of the Pentagon, refuses to go on the directives of the military on the border, but said that American soldiers will ” always have the inherent right to self-defence’.

Illegal migration

Trump warned the migrants Thursday that asylum requests in the US coming soon only will be able to for those who in a legal way the country is entering. This would be already a presidential decree on the table, claims to be the president. Today, every immigrant seeking asylum, regardless of how the country has arrived.

Trump has of the fight against illegal migration, an important theme is made for the midterm-elections (parliamentary elections) on november 6. These are crucial for the president and the Democratic opposition, that of a comeback dream.

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