Trump in campaign mode: 125 untruths on a day

In the run-up to the midterm elections, takes president Donald Trump, the less and less closely with the truth. The factcheckers of The Washington Post counted over the past seven weeks, on average, thirty-false statements per day.

Since Donald Trump on January 20, 2017 the oath as president, keep the factcheckers of The Washington Post his statements against the light. The last 649 days, he told a total of 6.420 false propositions, claims the newspaper.

The last few weeks is that the number of false statements – lies, if you will -, however, increased substantially. On september 7 proclaimed Trump even 125 untruths on a day.

Frequently recurring claims made by the Us president that his government is ” the largest tax reduction ever revert’ (in reality, there were already seven even larger reductions made), and that the American economy has never been so well performed as they are today’ (in the beginning of the sixties, grew the American economy is much stronger).

The past seven weeks is Trump to 1.419 false or misleading statements, an average of thirty per day.

On november 6, pulling the Americans to the polls for the midterms, the midterm elections for the House of Delegates, and a part of the Senate. These are crucial for Trump: you may lose him the Republican majority in the House.

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