Tomb of Spanish dictator plastered with red dove

MADRID – A Spanish artist has the grave of former dictator Franco was plastered. He sprayed in bright red paint a dove on it and wrote underneath the words ’for freedom’.

The stained tomb near Madrid.

It comes to Enrique Tenreiro, an artist from Galicia. He shared himself on Twitter the video, which show how he kneels at the tomb of Franco. He could be protestwerk almost complete, until guards him arrested and away from the tomb in the basilica in the Valley of the Fallen, where Franco since his death in 1975.

bright red

The man had the bright red paint managed to smuggle in a plastic container, not by the detection equipment. Later, he declared: “I have nothing against Franco. It is only for the freedom and reconciliation of all Spaniards.” The incident comes during a debate in the Spanish society what happened to the remains of Franco must be done.

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Family Franco opposes exhumation

The government Sánchez wants the body of the former dictator, let them dig it up. This encounters problems, now the family of Franco a month ago suddenly said that they were the remains of their grandfather’s wish to be reburied under the iconic Almudena cathedral, in the centre of Madrid, where the family tomb. There is also the daughter of Franco, Carmen Polo.

The cathedral is near the Plaza de Oriente, where annually, on the anniversary of Franco’s fascist tributes are held.

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