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The Netherlands once again a Great Price Formula 1? Zandvoort gets a “unique opportunity”

Formula One Management Limited, owner of the Formula 1, the Circuit of Zandvoort, a concrete offer made to all in 2020 in the Grand Prix to organize. This would be the Big Price of the Netherlands for the first time since 1985 in the Netherlands are kept, writes The Telegraph.

The past few months, there was already a lot to do around the possible organisation of a F1-race in the Netherlands, but now everything seems to accelerate. The Formula 1 would be looking at the circuit of Zandvoort for the organization of a Dutch GP.

The organizational fee must be paid would be about 20 million euros. The total cost for organising an F1 race in the Netherlands would be between 30 and 40 million euro.

For the Netherlands, would be a unique opportunity to return to the F1 calendar. There would then for the first time since 1985, again a GP of the Netherlands take place. Of course, also contributes to the popularity of the Dutch F1 pilot Max Verstappen this.

“If we now draw, than has the Netherlands in 2020, again a Grand Prix. With Max Verstappen. Everyone is there with us, well aware of the fact that this is a unique opportunity,” says Prince Bernhard of Orange, the owner of the circuit of Zandvoort, opposite to ‘The Telegraph’.

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