’Super Mario’ has died

SEATTLE – The American businessman Mario Segale is at the age of 85 died. In the eighties, let he a building on gamemaker Nintendo. The Japanese had a behind on the rent, but knew Segale to convince them not to convert. In gratitude the company decided the main character from their next game to him to mention.

Super Mario. Bet: Mario Segale

That was a moustached and chubby Italian plumber Super Mario. “I’m still waiting on my refund,” said Segale ever.

The BBC and the local newspaper, the Auburn Reporter to report the death of Segale.

Super Mario was first in the game Donkey Kong. He was then called Jumpman. When he was a private game received, and decided to Nintendo that Jumpman a real first name had to get. Super Mario is one of the most successful gameseries of all time.

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